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Australian Honeybee Enterprises was established in 2005. Australian Healing Honeys is a new business owned by AHE for the purpose of offering only high quality bee products directly to the public. Recent research has brought to light that some of our 84 leptospermum species offer high levels of medicinal properties once the nectar is converted to honey rivaling the New Zealand leptospermum scoparium  (Manuka) and in some instances surpassing it in methylglyoxal content. Methylglyoxal (MGO) being the active ingredient in Manuka honey. All honeys have hydrogen peroxide which is a anti bacterial compound but this compound breaks down once it enters the blood stream as opposed to the methylglyoxal. Hence Manuka's unique qualities. But recent research has also identified at least five more Australian floral sources so far that also have unique healing qualities. Hence Australian Healing Honeys. We are a family owned and operated business. Beekeeping commercially since 2005 we are passionate about honey and hive products and what the bees provide with there pollination. We transport our beehives all over central and southern NSW so we can acquire a optimum variety of honeys with there unique flavors from our beautiful unique and diverse Australian flora.

Our honey is 100% Pure Australian Honey. We offer pure line floral varieties such as yellow box, stringybarks ( white, yellow and red ) peppermint, Australian Manuka, spotted gum, orange blossom, varieties of malees and red gum just to name a few as well as our bees blends. Bees blends honeys are blended by our bees as some of the honey supers (boxes) are not completely full when the honey flow is finished. The supers are then filled and capped with the new variety of honey that is next to flower. Hence bees blend the way nature intended.
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